Free Printable 父亲’s Day Card


父亲’s天是6月17日!如果你没有’t already picked out a card and 您 are looking for a cheap alternative consider this free printable 父亲’节卡。这虽然简单明了,但仍然为爸爸提供了您的感情标志。卡上显示“Hey Dad” on the outside and “you’re awesome” on the inside of the card. Give this card to 您r favorite Dad this 父亲’s Day.



This card looks best when printed on cardstock. You can use any color but the text is black so it pops most on plain white or off white paper. After 您 print the first page reload the paper and print the inside of the card. Cut the card out around the guides and 您 will have a very cute and stylish greeting card just for Dad that lets him know how 您 truly feel about him.



  1. Hi Chelsea, my name is Alma from Mexico City I am 58 years old and I also love paper crafts and I want 您 thank 您 for chering 您r work. If some day 您 come to Mexico city contact me.


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